Facts About The Women’s Charter

The male population believes that the women’s charter puts them at disadvantage. This particular legislature was passed in 1961 to protect the women and give rights to women in Singapore. These regulations will help relationships between husbands and wives, parents and their children, separation and how assets will be divided upon the divorce. Like all legislature there’s been a few amendments to make the charter fair and meaningful.

The proposed main aims of the charter in 2016 are:

  • To protect kids that are affected by their parents going through a divorce
  • Disabled or previous husbands are entitled to apply for spousal maintenance
  • Strengthen amended maintenance laws

The name of the charter

There were issues with regards to men being able to take several wives and that females cannot keep their maiden name after marriage. However, this charter is for both men and women except those individuals who married under administration of Muslim law act. The womens charter in Singapore was passed to protect women as well as the welfare of the family and the children and provides the guidelines for separation too. Therefore, this regulation is more towards being a family charter regardless of the name.

 Child custody

The charter clearly states that women are the main caregiver for a child and therefore, the custody of the child should be given to the mother during a marriage annulment. This decision is solely made based on the gender. Girls turn to mothers and they have the caregiving and loving quality that come naturally. If you are interested about best divorce lawyer you can visit this website http://divorcelawyer-singapore.sg/.

 In the amendment made in 2011, both parental parties are advised to consider the child’s wellbeing when making the decision of the custody to avoid causing any stress to the child. Today many children are being affected when parents separate. Therefore, if you are unable to decide who gets guardianship, you must enrol in a compulsory parenting program.

 Maintenance laws

Female parties were entitled to obtain their maintenance from their husbands. This seems very unfair for men and outdated. In the modern days, there are women who earn more than their husbands and thus this would put men in trouble.

 Equal partnership

In section 46 of the charter it states that both husband and wife should mutually bond and corporate in order to ensure that the wellbeing of the child or children are met in the interests of the unions.

 All regulations are important to ensure that the wellbeing of each individual is good. In addition, children should not be put under pressure when parents fight and decide to separate as this will affect them as they grow up and in the future.