Pros And Cons Of Pre Education

In most countries traditional school formally begins at the age of six for any child. However, pre education has become the norm today where children start schooling long before this age, sometimes as early as the tender age of two years old. This is often done for the sole convenience of the parents of the children as most parents today work full time jobs. The modern education system is akin to testing the ability of a cat, a dog, a fish, a squirrel and a rat to climb a tree. It is clear that some of these animals will have a better ability in climbing a tree than others while some may be better at swimming or other abilities. The sad fact is that many of these external abilities are not tested nor improved within the school system leaving some children to feel as if they are failures and that they are weak when in fact they are extremely talented.
Basic educationWhile it is understood that every child should have a certain knowledge of mathematics, science and languages, it is unnecessary for children to be taught an extremely advanced curriculum in the subject if the child’s interest and passion lies in creativity and creating beautiful masterpieces. While preschool might be a great way to make new friends and have some play time with different children from different backgrounds, it seem unnecessary to burden a little child with actual education at such a young age.
Some parents believe that certain types of pre education such as Chinese enrichment preschool can benefit the child and their ability to learn and this may be true for certain children but it is not always true for every child.
It has been proven time and time again that children learn best through their own curiosity and their own experimentation. It is important for you to watch your child and let your own child take the lead on this subject. If you feel that your child enjoys going to school and seems to look forward to the experience, by all means encourage it however if you notice that your child shows a distinct disinterest in school, you may not want to force your child to go every day as your child may have other ways of learning. It is vital for you to use your own instinct as a parent when making these decisions and not letting the system rule your judgment. Sadly, in most cases, this tends to happen and it is the child that suffers the most.