The Dangers Of Modern Lifestyles

In the past few decades, the world changed rapidly with women leaving their children and going out to work while technology made our lives easier and took on the job roles of many people which forced people to work even harder in order to keep themselves useful. Technology and its advancement made the world, our offices and our businesses faster paced and people started to work longer harder hours in order to make enough money to support their families. While this may seem like a good thing, the truth is that in the midst of all this work, people started to forget their most basic instincts. They stopped cooking food for themselves and they stopped eating healthy food. They no longer had time to cook healthy meals and big corporations like McDonald’s took advantage of this fast paced lifestyle by introducing “fast food” to people. Fast food is essentially chemical, preservative, hormone and antibiotic filled substances that taste good and are extremely cheap to buy which suited the lifestyles of many of these busy young people. Many mothers and father’s even begun to feed their children this “food” from McDonald’s and Kentucky fried chicken without realizing that the food was nutritionally deficient and unhealthy.

A sick and diseased world
This lifestyle gave birth to a world that is sick and diseased. Today people in their fifties and sixties, sometimes even as young as forty are ill and diseased. Our skin is sagging and cove red in acne causing the queues at skin clinic in Singapore to be extremely long as people may excessive amounts of money to have their unhealthy skin artificially fixed with chemicals.

Procedures such as having dermal fillers and other procedures like face lifts have become common because people no longer care for the way they look but the meat, dairy and fast food industry is investing millions and billions of dollars to hide the true reason that this is happening from the consumers.

Fortunately however, due to the popularity of social media, young people have begun to understand the dangers of these lifestyles and have started switching to clean, plant based diets. In fact, veganism and plant based living has been seen to be the fastest spreading lifestyle change the world has ever known which means that we can look forward to a healthier new generation but it is important for us to unlearn everything that we have ever learnt and been told by these dangerous industries to help ourselves and our families bounce back from all these diseases.