Why Should You Get Rid Of Garden Pests Carefully?

You work hard to maintain your garden. For months or even years you have tirelessly watered, trimmed, cleaned, maintained, inspected and loved your garden on a daily basis. The plants are not just plants at this point they are like your children. You have always taken care of them and showered them with love and affection. However then you have these tiny, annoying critters that ruin all your handwork by either infecting your beloved plants or eating them up.

What should you do for the plants you love?

Well the answer to that is killing the critters. After all if they abuse the plants you love, then they deserve to face the poisonous fumes of fury.

However that answer is something you should be careful about. You can of course kill all your garden pests but as any respectable Singapore pest Control Company would tell you, that is an awful idea. You should not go all napoleon on pests because believe it or not, some actually benefit the plants.

Lady bugs for an example eat many types of garden pests and are nature’s pest control. They eat aphids and if these are unavailable, they will eat mites and even insects. Furthermore as they eat the eggs of these little horrors, you would not have to worry about an infestation. However if you kill the ladybugs, you would put yourself in a big cauldron of boiling water as your garden will become the hottest hang out spot in town for all the garden pests you loathe.

Therefore when you are going to get rid of pests, make sure you specifically target the ones you do want. You could consult and even employ pest control services to help you out, as they would know the best way to get rid of the unwanted ones.

The unwanted ones are a nightmare for anyone who owns a garden and these are the ones you definitely should get rid of. Rodents and certain types of insects can cause mayhem in your garden. Rodents eat everything in their path so if you have planted vegetables and have not provided adequate protection from these critters from the depths of hell, you are practically serving them supper in fine china. 

The way to protect your garden from rodents is to carefully seal any openings n the walls and to put repellant powders of either natural or chemical based on the walls and drains. This way you can keep them out.

Insects can spread infections in plants so should keep herbal oils such as citronella or rosemary in your garden to ward off these notorious pests.

In the end always make sure to get rid of pests but only do this for the ones who would affect your plants and not for the ones that would benefit them. To help you with this, you should either get professional help or equip yourself with correct knowledge.